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One of the objectives of the HLS scheme is to influence behaviour through improved understanding of the New Forest’s natural and historic environment and land management.

This means that HLS funding can provide for free educational visits for children between the ages of seven and 16 who visit the Crown lands.

The New Forest Centre and New Forest National Park Authority offer free education sessions on the Crown lands, enabling children to experience the unique culture and variety of the Forest and learn how they can help care for it in the future. All schools have to do is complete an evaluation form on the day of their visit.

In 2012/13:

  • 956 students from 20 education establishments have received sessions from NPA Education Officers on land management, impacts and conflicts and the biodiversity of the New Forest
  • 25 groups received similar sessions from the Education staff at the New Forest Centre.  
  • This means a total of 45 group visits for the year, reaching 1,711 students.

In 2013/14:

  • 2,248 children aged between 7 and 16 benefited from a total of 48 education visits to the New Forest led by the National Park Authority Education Service and New Forest Centre Education Service. Most of these 48 school groups would have been unable to access education about the New Forest were it not for the financial assistance provided by the HLS funding.

In 2014:

  • 2,324 students from 50 education establishments attended visits to the New Forest led by the National Park Authority Education Service working in conjunction with the New Forest Centre Education Service.
  • 50 primary school teachers attended a conference to help understand how to embed learning about the New Forest National Park into the school's curriculum.
  • A conference for 70 secondary school pupils examined the issues facing the New Forest.

If your school would like to find out more about a visit, contact:

Ancient Tree Hunt

Children from the New Forest put their education skills to the test in a hunt for ancient trees with staff from the New Forest National Park Authority, funded by the HLS scheme.