Futurity scheme

The Futurity scheme is being run by the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society, with funding from the Verderers Grazing Scheme, amongst others.

It is similar to the Bloodlines scheme in that its aim is to improve the New Forest pony breed, through addressing the issue of the lack of young stallions of good enough quality and type being put forward for licensing, and to identify colts of likely stallion material with diverse bloodlines, for the preservation, health and diversity of the breed.

However, the scheme is different in that it is open to any pure bred New Forest pony, not just those bred on the forest.

It also offers a financial incentive to owners for the first year, rather than offering free grazing in year one.

The scheme provides free grazing for those colts selected through to year two.

This scheme ensures on-going support for the commoners by hopefully raising suitable future stallions.