Corbets Hat Mire

Where it is

Corbets Hat Mire is a small mire system located just south of Acres Down, which is bisected by an informal track.  This track becomes a ‘passageway’ where the track leaves the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). An eroding channel arising to the east of the track takes water off the mire, across the passageway and into a wooded gully to the west. Just over 1km to the north of the site is Acres Down campsite and farm shop, and a caravan site. A cycle route runs from the Forestry Commission car park along the gravel track into Holmhill Inclosure. An informal vehicle track leads southwards to the area of works at Corbets Hat Mire.  This area is well used by the public.

What were the issues?

This SSSI unit, which covers 11 separate areas in total, was assessed as being in unfavourable condition in 2013.  Recreational and grazing pressures were highlighted as causing erosion in some areas (such as the passageway at Corbets Hat Mire). Drainage was also noted as an issue in several places, which is relevant to all three areas covered in this restoration plan. White Moor is specifically mentioned.

What did we do to restore it?

We infilled the eroding nick point and channel in the mire to the east of the passageway, and graded it into a shallow watercourse to flow across the track. On the west side of the track the eroded watercourse channel was repositioned and reprofiled to feed into the wooded gully downstream.

The passageway was heavily poached and eroded, as the water from the mire spread across it from the east in several locations. The passageway was repaired by creating a firm approach with a boarded edge and a gravel pedestrian ford was installed to allow the water to come off from the mire and cross the track in one place. Finally the bed level of the track was married into the surrounding ground for 10 metres beyond the ford.