Picket Bottom

What were the issues?

The Picket Bottom mire catchment has been restored in previous years, including a stream which arises in the mire and flows north-west into Little Linford Inclosure. When agreeing the previous scheme, some stakeholders wished to retain the concrete bridge to the south of the Inclosure, so the bed level of the channel was dropped significantly to allow water to flow under the bridge. This had become unstable, however, and an active erosion step had developed which was eroding back towards the mire.

How did we fix them?

Agreement was secured from the Verderers of the New Forest and Commoners Defence Association to remove the bridge and replace it with a gravel ford. The bed levels of the stream were raised to restore a shallow channel on the Open Forest.

The shallower meandering watercourse within Little Linford Inclosure had its bed levels raised with the channel and  remnant stream meanders restored. A concrete culvert within the Inclosure was replaced with a gravel ford to maintain a consistent bed level throughout. A small debris dam was also constructed inside the Inclosure fenceline at the downstream end of the site, to support the upstream restoration work.

NB: The restoration of the portion of the site on the Open Forest will be funded by HLS. The work within the fenced Inclosure will be paid for by the Forestry Commission’s core funding budget.