White Moor

Where it is

White Moor is in the upper catchment of a mire system that has had artificial drainage introduced in the past, and is now characterised by wet heath and wet grassland with pasture woodland. It lies to the south of the minor road that links Emery Down to Bolderwood, between White Moor and James Hill car parks. Whilst the car parks are used by walkers, the site itself is seldom visited by the public.

Why was it a problem

This Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) unit, which covers 11 separate areas in total, was assessed as being in unfavourable condition in 2013. Recreational and grazing pressures are highlighted as causing erosion in some areas. Drainage was also noted as an issue in several places at White Moor specifically.

What was done to restore it

The bed level of an eroded stretch of artificial drain was raised, for a distance of 55m, using hoggin.