Woodcrates Mire

Where it is

Woodcrates Mire is a small mire system that runs along the eastern edge of Holmhill Inclosure, on the Open Forest. The downstream end becomes a stream just before it reaches the gravel track leading from Millyford Bridge Car Park to Holmhill Inclosure. This gravel track is part of the same cycle route that joins up with Acres Down to the north. Whilst the gravel track and cycle route are relatively well used by the public, the mire system itself is not accessed, although the area to be worked is approximately 45m from the gravel track.

Why was it a problem

This Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) unit, which covers 11 separate areas in total, was assessed as being in unfavourable condition in 2013. Recreational and grazing pressures are highlighted as causing erosion in some areas. Drainage was also noted as an issue in several places, which is relevant to all three areas covered in this restoration plan.

What was done to restore it

Ramp down a minor nick point at the mire/stream transition point, using hoggin.